The IVTLab is an international and interdisciplinary laboratory promoting cutting-edge research in the field of oncoimmulogy and immunotherapy using viruses as platforms to induce and/or orchestrate the tumor-specific immune response.

The laboratory is well supported and funded by prestigious and internationally recognised funding agencies such as the European Research Council Consolidator grant (ERC-CoG), Novo Seed , Tekes and Finnish Cancer Society

More specific information about our research programs is available at the dedicated section.

for the The newcomers:

please download and read carefully our welcome book. it contains useful info on what to do before and after you join our lab.

upcoming mandatory ivtlab events

Click on the event or go in the EVENT section to have access to detailed information and  minutes of the meetings. Please also note that the IVTLab seminar and weekly meeting are not public events but very confidential information are shared hence only group members are allowed.

Some highlights from Nature Cancer Review and Nature Immunology

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