Some News at IVTLab

Below are some news from our lab and our research. You can also follow our Facebook page @IVTLab

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Academy of Finland celebrate ERC 10 years anniversary

The academy of Finland is celebrating the 10 years anniversary of the the ERC. They made a short movie about IVTLab. 


Italian Embassy in Finland talks about Pepticrad

Italian Embassy is posting on their Facebook page our success. 

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The ERC website is promoting our research!

Spin-off from University of Helsinki, founded by ERC grantee Vincenzo Cerullo, made big progress in developing novel anticancer vaccines.

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Popular radio show interviews Vince on Pepticrad

Vince talks about Pepticrad on a popular radio show. checkout minute 38:50 on the link below


EurekAlert talks about us and VALO Therapeutics

A spin-out from the University of Helsinki, Valo Therapeutics is developing novel oncolytic viral vaccines for the treatment of multiple forms of cancer. The therapeutic platform is projected to target cancer by recruiting the body's own defence mechanism


Health medicine network writes about valo tx

Valo Therapeutics recently closed its seed funding round, establishing strategic partnerships with world class investors in this rapidly growing scientific space.


the guardian talks about Pepticrad possible clinical trials

The University of Helsinki, Finland, may have developed a vaccine that can prevent and possibly cure cancer without any other form of treatment, including chemotherapy.


Vince presents MIke stein and VAlo tx at slush 2016

Vince is invited at SLUSH in the session "Real life and successful stories" to tell about his story with PeptiCrad and VALO therapeutics. 


Vince talks about pepticrad at campusseminar

Vince is pitching at campusseminar. CAmpus seminar is an amazing event organised by hundreds and saku tuominen to inform and to promote finnish education.


Vince is at porta a porta

Vince is interviewed at the popular italian talkshow directed by bruno vespa, porta a porta. Vince talks about his experience as researcher abroad.


Lukasz Kuryk defends his phd thesis. Opponent Prof. Luigi Buonaguro


Lukasz Kuryk successfully defend his PhD thesis. As opponent he has professor Luigi Buonaguro from Institute for cancer therapy G. Pascale of Naples.


Mari hirvinen defends her phd thesis. Opponet Prof. Maria croyle


After four years with us, our “Lone star“ as her opponent Dr. Maria Croyle has defined her, Mari is awarded the PhD!  We had the GREAT pleasure to have Maria as opponent and to spend some days with us in the Lab!!