IVTLab counts on an extraordinary team that values being and working together.

Out team has fun inside and outside the lab, check some pics here or enjoy a little preview of this year retreat (video below) together with VALO therapeutics team.

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Vincenzo Cerullo, PhD

Professor of Immunology, Head of the Drug Research Program at University of Helsinki and group leader of IVTLab.  Click here to know more about Vince.


Erkko Ylösmäki, PhD

Erkko is a senior postdoc with more than ten years experience in virology and molecular biology. "Whatever you need to do it in Lab, just ask him he knows it and he has done it at least once"


Siri Tahtinen, PhD

Siri is a Postdoc in the lab with extensive experience in oncolytic viruses and T cell therapy.


Karita Peltonen, PhD

Karita is a postdoc in the lab with experience in cancer biology. She is focused on neo-antigen identification.


Cristian Capasso, MSc

Cristian is the most senior at IVTLab.  He is one of the inventor of PeptiCrad. He is definitely the person to  go to find out information at IVTLab. He is also assistant teacher at the course of Adv. ImmunoBiology.


Manlio Fusciello, PhD student

Manlio is the star we stole to the Canadian science! He is mainly focused on dendritic cell and T cell therapy and ..... well the rest is a secret!


Sara Feola, PhD student

Sara is a PhD student that IVTLab shares with the centre of genetic engineering of Naples (CEINGE) and with the laboratory of gene therapy lead by professor Lucio Pastore. 


Beatriz Martins, Research Assistant

Bea is a great asset for the group, the kind of person that happens only once in your life... and we won't let her GO!!!

She also officially work for VALO Therapeutics